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All Group Exercise classes are included with your membership. Non-members please contact our front desk for help with your registration at724-463-9622.

ARTHRITIS AQUATICS: This class is designed to increase range of motion, flexibility and coordination for those who have arthritis or may be experiencing other joint issues.  It helps to improve muscle strength and endurance while ensuring that the workout is safe and soothing for joints and muscles alike.  Deep and shallow water is used; however, no swimming ability is required to participate. 

SWIMNASTICS: Medium intensity program that offers a great cardio workout in addition to moves that will increase flexibility, agility and range of motion.  It features both shallow and deep water activity although no swimming ability is required. 

DEEP & SHALLOW WATER AQUA-AEROBICS: Enjoy the benefits of a great aerobic workout cushioned by the water.  A variety of equipment is used to enhance this workout.  No swimming abilities are needed to enjoy this fun-filled aquatic program. 

NEW WAVE: A high intensity program with great cardio, muscle toning and conditioning.  It features shallow and deep water activity with interval training and deep water running.




SENIOR EXERCISE FOR MEMBERS AND SILVER SNEAKERS:A light cardio workout, this class offers shallow water moves that will increase flexibility, strength and agility.  This class is gentle on the joints and fun for all ages.  No swimming ability is required and a variety of aquatic equipment may be used.

**Classes are limited to the first 30 participants to sign up each day at the Welcome Center.**

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