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Infants & Toddlers
(Any child not toilet trained must
wear a swimming diaper)

KIPPER (6-18 months): Have fun while introducing basic swimming skills during this water
adjustment class.

INIA (19-30 months): Have fun while introducing basic swimming skills and the use of
floatation aids.

PERCH (30 months - 5 years): Introductory swimming and safety skills are taught with parents in the water. Child should be comfortable wearing a floation device and not be feaful of water. Child can briefly swim independently without a floatation device. This class prepares children for lessons without parents in the pool.


PIKE(Ages 4 – 5) - Beginning Swimmer: Swimmers develop safe pool habits, adjust to the water, and basic stroke skills. To progress, the student must feel comfortable holding his/her face in the water, and must be able to back float.

EEL (Ages 3 – 5) – Intermediate Swimmer: Must advance from Perch or Pike. Swimmers will prepare for basic stroke work.

RAY(Ages 3 – 5)- Advanced Swimmer: Must advance from Eel or Pike. Swimmers are taught basic stroke skills. To progress, child must swim with their face in the water across the pool without assistance.

STARFISH (Ages 3 – 5)- Must advance from Ray. Child can swim on their front and back without assistance. In this class, students improve stroke skills, build endurance and tread water.


Available for beginners and advanced beginners.

Beginners: Get oriented to the water, learn to swim front crawl and to swim on your back. No water experience necessary. 

Advanced Beginners: Will increase swimming ability and be introduced to breast stroke, elementary back stroke, side stroke and back crawl.










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Progressive Swim Lessons

(Progressive swimming lessons are for children 6 and older.)

TADPOLE: The beginning level for non-swimmers. Swimmers learn face in the water, floating, kicking strokes, safety skills and safety rules.

POLLIWOG: Swimmers either advance from Tadpole or can swim up to 10 feet with face in the water with no floatation device. Swimmers get stronger at skills taught in Tadpole, front crawl with rhythmic breathering, introduced to back crawl with rhythmic breathing, introduced to back crawl and elementary back stroke arms and introduction to deep water swimming.

GUPPY:Swimmers either advance from Polliwog or can front crawl up to 20 feet in deep water with face in water with no assistance and swim on back. Swimmers enhance front crawl and back crawl, learn elementary back stroke, introduction to breast stroke kick and butterfly kick along with other safety concepts.

MINNOW: Swimmers either advance from Guppy or can swim front crawl, back stroke and elementary back stroke 25 yards the length of the pool.  Swimmers enhance front crawl, back crawl and elementary back stroke, learn breast stroke, side stroke,   diving and introduction to butterfly stroke.

FISH: Swimmers either advance from Minnow or can swim all strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly and elementary back stroke) 50 yards.  Swimmers increase the distance of the strokes learned in previous    levels, perfecting strokes and using combined strokes to swim 200 yards. .

FLYING FISH:Swimmers advance either from Fish or can swim all strokes 50 yards in good form. Swimmers learn the individual medley, surface dives, flip turns, underwater swim, introduction to rescue techniques, combined swim of 300 yards.

SHARK: Swimmers advance from either Fish or Flying Fish. Swimmers increase yardage in all strokes, distance swim,  water rescues, and assist teaching in beginner classes. 



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