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Youth Sports

Youth Sports
A mainstay of YMCA offerings for young people, Y youth sports programs fill kids' discretionary hours with positive activities and caring adult attention. Coaches -- most often volunteers, including many parents -- emphasize teamwork and cooperation over winning at any cost, developing good values over developing the next superstar.We believe in developing the fundamental skills for each sport including ball handling, understanding the rules, sportsmanship, fair play and love of sports. Every child will play in our leagues regardless of talent or ability. We believe there is value in the joy of victory and learning to be a gracious loser.

Basketball and volleyball, both YMCA inventions, are popular youth programs, as are softball, T-ball, and soccer. Currently we have youth leagues for basketball, soccer, T-ball, coach pitch baseball and softball.

Clinics are an important part of skill development. We will offer a variety of programs from one day to session long, each designed to help your child to grow and develop their skills.

For questions regarding our youth programs, visit the Youth Sports page or contact Director of Youth and Family Programs. Information is also available at the Welcome Center.

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Field Hockey






Flag Football
Coach Pitch

For youth sports info or to register, contact Jen Sandusky.


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Our Mission Statement: "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, body, and spirit for all."


Please subscribe to "" for cancellation and delay information texted directly to your cell phone. This is a free service that allows you to have the information as soon as possible. Visit and search for "Indiana County YMCA". Follow the simple steps and you will be in the system.

We will post cancellations and delays for sports programs on our Facebook page as well. However the system is the fastest and easiest to access.


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