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Personal Training

Personal Training
Do you want to feel better, look better and have more energy? Are you getting want you want out of your workouts? Get excellent, professional instruction from one of our nationally certified personal trainers. Let one of our expert trainers guide you through new and innovative exercises to help you reach your wellness goals. Our trainers are listed below.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer
In order for a personal trainer to design a safe and effective workout, he or she should have education and experience.  Being certified through a nationally recognized certifying agency insures that the trainer is getting continuing education.  Here are a few additional tips:

  • Find a trainer that is right for you. Some people like to exercise in the morning, some in the evening. Will the personal trainer you're talking to accomodate your schedule? What about the trainer's gender? Some people do better working with a trainer of the same sex; other prefer the opposite sex.
  • Interview more than one. Ask questions about his or her style of training and experience with any particular injuries or special problems that may need to be addressed.
  • The personal trainer you select should motivate you by positive, not negative, reinforcement.
  • Ask about group training sessions. Grab a friend and take advantage of a group training program. They offer the same expert training at a reduced and shared cost

Teen & Tween Training 

Powerlifting, competitive weightlifting and bodybuilding can be dangerous for maturing youth as is can cause injuries to growing bones, muscles and joints. Our teen/tween specific personal trainers will put together a comprehensive program to not only build muscle and endurance but also increase athletic performance through resistance training. We offer the option of group personal training as a way to allow teens to work with their friends/peers. Consult with our Director of Health and Wellness, Cody Krynock, for more information.



caring honesty respect responsibility

Our Mission Statement: "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, body, and spirit for all."


Personal Trainers

Cody Krynock
Director of Health & Wellness
Strength and
Conditioning Coach/ Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer since 2008
Education: B.S. in Exercise Science from IUP
Finishing Masters in Sports Administration through Lock Haven University, PA
Certification: ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist


I have worked with athletes from amateur to Olympic status. I have also worked with all different types of goals. My experience ranges any where from general fitness and weight loss. I started training on my own doing private sessions in homes and at varies fitness centers throughout the community. I accepted a job as the Fitness Manager for SNAP Fitness in Johnstown before accepting my position here at the Y.

Areas of Expertise:

Sports Specific Training
Functional Fitness
Overall Fitness


My training philosophy combines many forms of training tha target your specific goals, this makes sure your body does not become accustomed to exercise and keeps you burning calories and learning new ways to workout.

Roger Briscoe
Strength and
Conditioning Coach/ Personal Trainer


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Healthy Lifestyle Principles YMCA
Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)
Masters Degree in Sport Management (IUP)
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
American Red Cross
Certified American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI)
Instructor Trainer


Personal trainer for 7 years
Knowledge of all major sports

Areas of Expertise:

Strength and conditioning
Agility and plyometrics
Sport specific training

History and Background:

Roger has been a trainer and instructor at the Y since 2010, and has been the Director of Wellness since 2012. He is happily married with 2 kids. He also has many years experience in helping with weight loss, strength gains, rehabilitation and much more.


‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’
Philippians 4:13


H. Keith Colvin
Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 2005, YMCA


Personal trainer here at the Y currently and from 2005-2010

Areas of Expertise:

Working with senior’s on Cybex and cardio equipment

History and Background:

Executive director of 2 vocational rehabilitation programs and has been affiliated with such for 33 years.


It is never too late to begin an exercise program


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