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  Bowl For Kids
Friday, April 24 at Mohawk Lanes

Big Hearts Little Hands (BHLH) of Indiana County is a mentoring program of the YMCA of Indiana County. For over 32 years, volunteer mentors have helped boys and girls make the sometimes difficult transition into adulthood. A cornerstone of the Big Hearts Little Hands philosophy is this: the time an adult spends one-to-one with a child makes a difference in that child's life. Each one-to-one match between a mentor and a child is carefully monitored by professional staff with a special focus on the child's needs. Thousands of children throughout the county have benefitted from their mentors' guidance. However, for each child who has a mentor, there are many others still waiting for one. These children are the reason for Bowl for Kids.

BHLH currently has 75 children who are waiting for mentors! In 2011, we had nearly 400 participants in the event and raised over $20,000 to support this program. If you are interested in learning more about Big Hearts Little Hands or becoming a part of the BHLH experience, please contact 724-463-9622 for more information.

Mentor with kidsWHAT IS BOWL FOR KIDS?
Bowl for Kids (BFK) is a fundraising event to support local mentor recruitment efforts and professional staff who screen and monitor adult volunteers. BFK has raised over $400,000 for the children in Indiana County.

It's simple. Each team consists of 5 bowlers. Each bowler gets a Pledge Form, and must raise at least $30 in pledges, for a total of at least $150 per team. Friends, family, and local businesses can sponsor bowlers from $1 and up! Many teams raise much more which helps meet our $22,500 goal.

Since Bowl for Kids is a local fundraiser, all of the money donated stays right here in Indiana County. For each $429 raised, another child is matched for one year. So, you do make a difference!

NO! Whether you are a non-bowler who cannot quite reach 100, a casual bowler, or a pro, your participation helps BHLH. The idea is to get involved and get others involved. Bowl for Kids is fun and it's for a great cause – KIDS!

BFK is supported by local businesses, mentors, children and their families, and schools and service organizations. BFK is also supported by countless individuals who care about the happiness and well-being of children.

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